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Batman 3 Has A Title! (Not Rumor, But TRUTH!)

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Alright, looks like we finally have it confirmed–the Riddler will NOT be in Nolan’s next Batman movie.  This according to his latest interview.  And the official title for Batman 3 is…drumroll…

The Dark Knight Rises

This is the title that will be burned into my fangirl memory for all time.

Interestingly, the Riddler will NOT be the next villain (contrary to a great deal of popular rumor).  So now I really don’t have a clue who it will be.  Hmm…it will be filmed in New Orleans…hmm…uh-oh…please no, not Harley Quinn!!

The thing I don’t like about Harley Quinn is that she was kind of the Joker’s girlfriend.  And in the Nolan universe, the Joker has no backstory, which added to the mystery and frightfulness of the character.  Having a “girlfriend” come into the picture would screw that up.  NO NO Nolan, no Harley Quinn, PLEASE!

What do you think of the title?  And who do you think this elusive new villain will be?  Disagree with me about Harley Quinn?  Let me know!~