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Planned Parenthood Secretly Aids Child Prostitution. This Is Huge.

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I kid you not.  THIS IS HUGE. 

Live Action went undercover recently disguised as a pimp and his prostitute in order to investigate just how “indiscriminate” abortion empire Planned Parenthood could be.  My gosh, I guess it really does help poor souls no matter their age/circumstance:

Not only do we have an employee clearly telling the “pimp” how to get his “girls” checked out, but she doesn’t even blink an eye when told the age of these fictional girls.  This is proof that not only will Planned Parenthood help pimps run their harmless businesses, but that it will even help out with child prostitution, no questions asked (thank our lucky stars for the absence of parental consent!).  And as a bonus, these prostitutes are brought into the U.S. illegally!  (Also not a problem, by the way.)

I hear the distant rumble of lame defensive arguments.  So I shall address them now:  there is no possible way that this video is simply a result of clever editing.  The questions are clearly asked.  The employee very clearly answers each question.  You actually see her very clearly answering each question.  Lip movements match the words.  There is an almost complete absence of cutaways.  

This is simply clear, undeniable proof of this clinic assisting in one of society’s–nay, one of the world’s–greatest evils.  Plus helping out with illegal child prostitutes, of course.  And this is what approximately $300 million tax dollars go toward every year. 

What is unclear is whether the media will pick up on this story or whether it will simply stay silent.  Perhaps once the news out of Egypt begins to slow down this it will get the attention it deserves.  If not, don’t underestimate the power of the free web.~