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October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

For not being Bush


I am still reeling a bit over the fact that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize a week or so ago.  As even Democrats have stated, “WHY???”  All he has accomplished so far was to let his campaign managers use “HOPE” as a tagline.  And he moved troops to Afghanistan…and is probably about to add more troops (wait, I thought all of that was going to disappear once he was in office!  For shame!)  And he lifted the ban on federal funding for abortions in international countries a few days after his election.   This  doesn’t quite scream “peace” to me…

As regards the Nobel Peace Prize committee, by far the most enlightening thing about this puzzling news was that the nominations for the Peace Prize came out only twelve days after Obama was elected.

If anyone argues that Obama did in fact deserve the prize for what he has done in the approximately ten months of being president, well, I’m afraid that that argument is officially moot.

Here’s the really sad part.  All my life I have believed that a Nobel Prize was the most prestigious award a person could recieve.  It was a prize so grand, so lofty, that a person had only about a one in a billion chance of even being nominated for it.  It was a prize that elevated you to the heights of one of the gods on Mount Olympus.  It, in short, was the highest distinction any individual could hope to recieve.

Why did Obama win it?  Here’s the most likely answer: because he isn’t George W. Bush.

And now I can never view the Nobel Peace Prize in the same way again.  Because I have seen that personal prejudices–and liberal prejudices, at that–can influence the way they choose a candidate.  There is no objective evaluation of the worth of a person’s actions, only a very, very elite thumbing of the nose to George W. Bush.

This is your brain:


This is your brain when you have gone waaay overboard on hating George W. Bush for eight straight years: 

Any questions?