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Some thoughts on the past decade pt. 1

January 7, 2010 Leave a comment

I suppose I’m a little late for this post. If I were on schedule with the rest of the media I would have churned out several top ten lists by mid-December musing upon the last decade of the new millenium.

Speaking of which, before New Year’s I saw a list on that compiled the “worst mistakes of the 2009” or something to that effect. I’ve tried my darnedest to relocate that article but it seems to have disappeared into whatever black hole so many old Yahoo news articles fall into. One was about the “Air Force One photo incident,” which happened back in April. What Air Force One photo incident? you ask. To which I reply, EXACTLY.

For the first time ever, I read about the incident that happened on April 27th, when a White House Military Office-approved photo shoot of a Boeing VC-25 flying low over New York City was carried out. (This Boeing VC-25 becomes the Air Force One when the President in on board, which in this case he wasn’t.) The main problem aside from the tacky decision to photograph the President’s aircraft flying nearly at the altitude needed to slam into a skyscraper was the fact that NYC was not notified of the photo shoot. Understandingly, people grew nervous when they saw a plane apparently about to stage a terrorist attack, and there was panic in the streets along with evacuated buildings. Whoops!

Obama apparently had no idea the photo op happened until after the fact, and was very upset by such relentless stupidity.

I tend to keep up with the news, but have absolutely no recollection of hearing about that photo shoot. Which must mean that it barely made the news. Let us imagine, if you will, that such a photo shoot had happened when Bush was still in office, a few years after 2001. Why, there would have been no end to the coverage of this embarrassing incident! Not only the White House Military Office, but indeed the entire administration including Bush personally would be held up to ridicule, and asked how could they possibly support such idiocy? Yet it happens in 2009, and if not for that item in Yahoo news it would never have come to my attention.

Alright, more to come late, most likely in the form of a top ten list.  After all, I am rather fond of top ten lists.~