Blogs I recommend

Take a look at this beauties that I like to check whenever I can:

Roger Ebert’s Journal.  From the king of film criticism himself.  For intelligent, thoughtful comments and discussions that are sure to hearten any PBS mind in an MTV world, look no further.

Steven D. Greydanus.  From the next best thing to the king of film criticism, in my opinion.  Steven Greydanus rates films according to artistic value AND artistic vision, with an eye to Catholic teachings.  Always insightful, always open-minded, Mr. Greydanus deserves your readership.

Father Joe.  A brilliant priest who discusses everything from apologetics to whether dogs go to heaven. 

Sweetness & Light.  Conservative criticism of the day’s news articles from our top biased news sources.  Invigorating.

Patrick Madrid’s “Just Another Guy With a Blog”.  For Catholic apologetics and perspective, you can’t beat Patrick.  Mark Shea’s another genius but his page goes on for miles, slowing down my computer.  Sorry, Mark.

Fail blog.  When you need to laugh at life’s little failures.

Morbid Anatomy.  I guess I have a streak of morbidity in me, but honestly this site never fails to hold my interest.  Recommended for Halloween browsing.

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