A Guide to Stuff & Commonsense

For those new to my blog I have composed this handy-dandy reference page, sure to be updated every so often in the future. 

You may notice that at times I will use recurring words, phrases, and other elements in my posts.   These are used for specific purposes which are most thoughtfully outlined below:


RACISM!!!1   This in no way intends to mock true instances of racism, which are obviously reprehensible and looked upon with contempt, eye-rolling, and disbelief that such things would occur in these enlightened times.  RACISM!!!1 is used to show the contemptuous, eye-rolling disbelief for people who obsess over finding racism where it does not exist, or who try to argue “it’s racism!” just so they can get what they want.

Artiste:  Pronounced ahr-TEEST, this term is used to distinguish between regular artists and those high-brow, avant-garde, post-modern, elitist, creative types who create such wonderous art as religious images submerged in jars of urine and oil paintings consisting of dots.  They tend to go for shock value, and frequently pour their skills into represented the cliches (sexism, RACISM!!1, the perils of Western Civilization, etc.).  In their work, artistes often use complicated symbolism that they have created themselves, and then get annoyed when well-meaning people “don’t get their work.”

Bold-typed lists of movie cliches.   Pretty self-explanatory (and boldfaced too!).  When I write a movie review I often like to include a list of the most obvious cliches–which are usually related to PC-mumbo-jumbo.

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